Her Eyes

Daniel Abudu
4 min readAug 27, 2018

She got contacts a couple of months back because she felt glasses made her look ugly. He never understood why she thought that, though. He felt like singing that Bruno Mars song to her.

Those eyes.

Those eyes were the windows to an amazing soul. A soul like none other he’d ever met. A soul he doubted he’d ever find anyone like. Beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. She was perfect, really. Yes, she had flaws but they were of little consequence.

He thought of every single criteria he could find for a potential wife. She was definitely a good fit. He wouldn’t have needed all the other girls in the world to drop dead before he considered her.

But they were just friends. Nothing more.

The dreaded friendzone. He pondered on it for a bit. Treated like a death sentence by most people his age. "Just friends" is a legitimate cause to receive condolences and pity from everyone around you. It can be heart breaking and heart wrenching to feel the world for a person but they see you as nothing more than "Just friends".
But there are some lucky individuals, either with skill or perseverance that find ways to leave this friendzone. People who have been stuck there adorn them with praise.

Then he looked at himself. Was he really friendzoned? It could be possible that she liked him back. They were pretty close. He didn’t completely fit her specifications but if he were patient enough he could probably get her to start looking in his direction. There was a possibility, right? If you want something you should go for it.
Or at least that’s what everyone would tell him.

He thought about how far they’d come in the little while they’d been friends. They could tell each other anything and everything. No one had access to him on such a level and he knew things about her that no one else knew. Their chemistry was on point and everyone assumed they were dating anyway.

But some things are just not worth the risk.

For one, just two weeks prior he had a conversation with one of his other friends concerning how he wasn’t ready to date anyone yet. The topic had popped up when this said friend was planning to ask someone out. He said, “All the best to you, but I’m staying in my single lane for now.” He had so many things to sort out with himself. He just didn’t have space for the extra drama.

On top of that, he’d seen way too many good friendships ruined just because some people couldn’t put their feelings in check. They acted on impulse and "went after what they wanted". You only live once, right? But eventually, just like every case he could remember, save for a very minute few, they didn’t end well and people can’t still explain to this day why each and everyone of them weren’t on talking terms anymore. Where did all the common ground go?

To add to that, what he had was just a feeling. Two weeks ago it wasn’t there. Two weeks from now, it might not be there. He couldn’t really risk what they’d both taken time to build over just a feeling. Yes, she ticked all the right boxes but that just wasn’t enough reason to risk it.

And then again, chemistry shouldn’t be mistaken for compatibility. Just because you have chemistry doesn’t mean you should date. You can’t date everyone you have chemistry with, after all.

Maybe he was wrong. Maybe this was his chance to shoot his shot. Maybe if he didn’t do it now he’d never have a chance again.

That was a scary thought. If this was his one and only chance to be with her in that way then shouldn’t he have gone for it? What’s the worst that could’ve really happened? A “No”? If he didn’t make his move then someone better, smarter, more competent and definitely more confident would get her eventually and naturally, he’d be the first to hear about it. Then he’d have to pretend he wasn’t in any way jealous.

But really, that was fine by him. The pros far outweighed the cons. He did not have to follow the world’s standards for living the fast life. “What’s yours is yours,” he said to himself.

Someday he would be ready for all of this and if the shoe still fits then no problem. But for now he’d rather be a special guest at her wedding than a painful memory.

So he swallowed hard and made the decision that he felt most people in his generation were not mature enough to make.

This friendzone was just fine till further notice.



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