A couple of setbacks but a lot of consistency(ish)

Thinking about 2020 makes me wonder whether this would be one of those “PG-13” and above articles for “strong language”.

It’s been a lot, but as far as my life is concerned I feel guilty complaining and you’re about to see why.

Enter: January

I had plans for the year but no idea how it would pan out. Was done with five years of Unilag (my final year story and the fact that I graduated is another whole ass article on its own) and finally had more free time to focus on this design thing that had been on and off for…

Thoughts Stemmed from Reading Outliers (Part One)

Outliers is a book that attacks the norm of thinking that glorifies the “Grass to Grace” stories we all love to hear so much. It also attacks the belief that an individual, through hard work and determination, can battle against all odds and achieve his dreams and goals. That’s a very cinematic notion and I’m sure it has sold several movies and books.

The problem? You just don’t get anywhere just by hard work and determination. Remember the saying that no man is an island? Too many factors are in a success story. …

She was like a combination of a girl who was high and on her period. Except that it was every single damn day of the month. When was the last time he had peace of mind? When was the last time he could breathe?

He was like someone who had ingested large amounts of codiene. So slow to respond to the stimuli of his environment. On top of that, he was so oblivious to everything. Everything. She felt like she was about to lose her mind.

One drama to the other. One fight to another. There was nothing he did…

She got contacts a couple of months back because she felt glasses made her look ugly. He never understood why she thought that, though. He felt like singing that Bruno Mars song to her.

Those eyes.

Those eyes were the windows to an amazing soul. A soul like none other he’d ever met. A soul he doubted he’d ever find anyone like. Beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. She was perfect, really. Yes, she had flaws but they were of little consequence.

He thought of every single criteria he could find for a potential wife. She was…

His smile. Those perfectly lined white teeth. The joy radiating from the way he squinted his eyes to make room for his cheeks. The slight twitch of the nose. The aura.

Everything about it was toxic to her.


Staring at this picture with his smile brought back so many painful memories and some anger still deep within her she didn’t know she still had. She looks within herself, as if surprised that it’s still there and looks at the picture like, How dare he be happy. He has the liver to be joyful? After everything he did to me…

Spoiler Warning.

If you haven’t seen the movie and you’re the type that hates spoilers, just stop here right now. People didn’t give me that decency.




Still here?

I envy people who have one dream and everything about their life is driving towards it. You want to be a musician. You’ve been playing musical instruments since you were a child. You’re studying music in school. Yes, you might hustle but your opportunity cost is reduced.

Someone like me who used to draw a lot and write(essentially an artistic individual) found himself in Science class in school and is currently studying Computer Sciences.

It’s like being tied to two horses running in completely opposite directions.

How do you nurture one without starving the other?

Go back in time and…

Ever feel like smacking yourself at the back of your head for being too nice? Sometimes at your own detriment? What’s so hard about considering yourself for a change? Other people seem to be able to achieve that with ease. Why can’t you?

Ever feel frustrated when you consider people and sometimes go out of your way for them and you don’t get half of that back? Or any at all?

You get sad and depressed. Or angry. Maybe all of the above. You start to try to change what is natural for you. …

I have a fear. A fear that one day I’ll wake up 30 and haven’t done anything significant with my life. It is a small fear. It raises its ugly head once in a while and it’s rooted in my anxiety of constantly wasting time. If I don’t get my act together would this trend just continue till I’m old?

What is “old”, anyway?

Popular culture has many successful people in their twenties. Listing them would take time. A fond example is Mark Zuckerberg. He had more money than some people would ever make in their entire lives at the…

The collective advice was that it would take time. Although some said I was strong for not cutting you out of my life completely. No. Erasing would’ve been a more appropriate term.

Time has passed and I can say you don’t haunt me anymore. I can practically say I’ve moved on with my life. You became a lesson and not a source of regret or anger. You’ve become less of a disturbance in my head. Also, memories don’t piss me off anymore. Your presence doesn’t change my mood, even though I’d hardly be the first to start a conversation. When…

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